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TUC / coordinating team

The School of Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Crete accepted its first undergraduates in October 1997 and its first graduate students in February 1998; and very quickly became a major center of environmental engineering research in Greece. Presently, the School has 23 faculty members and another 3 faculty positions are under review. Currently it has about 450 undergraduates and about 90 graduate students pursuing MSc and PhD degrees. Despite the fact that the School is rather new, it has managed to acquire through National and University grants for fostering research and scholarship at the postgraduate level, all necessary laboratory equipment for undergraduate teaching and graduate research.

In this proposal will be involved the department “Design of Environmental Processes Laboratory - Division I: Environmental Management”. Their main research interest is Liquid and solid waste management and Water Resources management:

  • Wastewater treatment technologies
  • Water reclamation and reuse with emphasis on water reclamation processes
  • Applications of Anammox process, for the removal of ammonia from wastewater
  • Effect of heavy metals on micro-organisms behaviour
  • Municipal Solid Waste management, with emphasis on energy production
  • Integrated water resources management

TUC has participate in previous project connected to subject of proposal, some of them are:

  1. “Investigation and Characterization of M2R Advanced Primary Process”, Funding source: Μ2Renewables, Inc
  2. “Integrating Biotreated Wastewater reuse and valorization with enhanced water use efficiency to support the green economy in EC and India”, FP7-KBBE: WATER4CROPS-Funded by: EC
  3. “Potential for water reuse at the region of Kamari, in Santorini Island”, Funding source: Waste and Wastewater Public Company of Santorini
  4. “Agricultural Utilization of Tertiary Treated Wastewater as an Alternative Water Resource”, Funded by: ΕΕΑ grants

Prof Petros Gikas Associate Professor School of Environmental Engineering
Technical University of Crete

MSc Anthi Manali Chemist, PhD student School of Environmental Engineering
Technical University of Crete

DEVISE / partner

DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. specializes in the field of Environmental technologies. With a significant knowhow and experience in the design, engineering and construction of Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Treatment Facilities, the company has developed and produces a wide range of innovative units of a compact and pre-fabricated format which are an excellent solution for the sewage treatment of small communities and municipalities, while they can be a unique alternative to the wastewater treatment of industrial effluents.

George Messaritakis

Kostas Raftis

Maria Paladinou

Aimilios Stamatoglou

Tel.: +30 210 3211040

Tassos Dimoulas

Tel.: +30 210 3211040

CETENMA / partner

CETENMA is a technology centre (established in 2000 as a private, non-profit association of companies) based in Murcia - Southeast Spain. The Centre aims to help and support companies to become more competitive through the use of R&D, innovation, technology transfer and knowledge dissemination. CETENMA’s knowledge areas are: Water Technologies / Bioenergy / Renewable Energies/ and Energy Efficiency.

CETENMA counts with a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified researchers and engineers with large background on energy, environment and R&D management. The Centre is organised into two main departments: “Energy” and “Environment”, both of them equipped with different laboratories to support R&D activities. CETENMA has lots of references in urban waste and wastewater treatment technologies, efficiency, water efficiency and water reclaimed reuse, waste to energy valorisation, etc.

CETENMA has wide experience in the field of reducing the energy consumption of waste water treatment plants, both at industrial and municipal level, performing energy audits and giving recommendations for increasing the energy efficiency of these processes, and also dealing with the optimization of different waste-to-energy technology routes.

CETENMA has participate in several project related to subject of proposal: -Development of a mobile integrated treatment plant for the treatment and valorisation of olive oil mills and wineries waste water (MISSTOW). Funded by CIP Eco-Innovation programme. - Development of an innovative and sustainable system for the conversion of urban solid wastes into alternative bio-fuels (RSU-OIL). Funded by Spanish INNPACTO national programme.

Gemma Castejón Martínez Director

Andrés J. Lara Guillén R&D Engineer. Environmental Department Leader

Francisca Sánchez Liarte

Jose Miguel Paredes Parra R&D Energy Department Leader

Daniel Osuna Pérez R&D Engineer. Energy Department

Francisco Montalbán Verdú R&D Engineer. Energy Department

Silvia Pérez Martínez R&D Management Department Leader

GREENE / partner

GREENE is a technology-based company created in 2011. It is an engineering company dedicated to the design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of gasification plants for the disposal of organic waste and subsequent energy recovery.

After a long process of research and development of its gasification technology, GREENE is now in the phase of the sale and implementation of its gasification plants for disposal and energy recovery from biomass, municipal solid waste, and used tires.

The most significant competitive advantages of the above-mentioned plants are listed below:
 - Minimum plant size: 0.2MW - Use of proprietary technological know-how based on a revolving furnace, which features high versatility and resistance to impurities and heterogeneous wastes.
 - Use of gas filtering proprietary technology, able to extend engine average duration. 
- Non-pollutant wastes are obtained, which can be easily disposed.

Our plants are suitable for treatment of coal, biomass and all kinds of organic waste, such as solid urban waste, solid industrial waste, plastics, sewage sludge, used tyres, etc.

Business activities began in 2001 as an initiative of one of the current company members, who was duly skilled and had previous experience in project management and the setting up of manufacturing plants for different types of materials, requiring the use of chemicals during the production process. GREENE’s activities have received partial financial support from the National Administration (CDTI and IMPIVA) through different R&D projects. GREENE has also participate in a project funded by the EU within the framework 7 “Development of a reactor hydropyrolysis for the recovery of meat waste (acronym ABPPILOT).

As a result of own development, the patent PCT/ES2012/070607 was applied, for which a favorable report has been received.

Enrique Araez

Federico Busquier

Enrique Montiel

Juan Jose de la Cuesta

Juan Manuel Mtnez

Vicente Centelles

Sergio Gomez

ENGINNOV / partner

ENGINNOV CONSTRUCTION LTD studies and manufactures machinery for the treatment of any kind of waste. Prototyping and innovative using the most advanced modern technology, providing our customers with reliable equipment. Headquartered in U.K. provides the European and International market the most innovative global environmental systems. The drying systems for slurries effluent, waste, mud, food, is the solution for all the needs of drying and dehydration. With incredibly low consumption, zero gas emissions are ahead of other competing systems of the global market. ENGINNOV CONSTRUCTION LTD has a big experience in designing and developing drying systems as for example: -Sludge treatment and their transformation into biomass by an innovative system of drying – Sofia Bulgaria -Transformation to biomass, of the olive pomace, by an innovative dryer – Meligalas Greece -Hazardous waste incinerator – RAF aeronautical base in Akrotiri Cyprus -Transformation to fodder and/or biomass of the olive pomace by an innovative system – Beirut Lebanon

Konstantinos Papadakis Aeronautical Engineer

Bianca Papadakis BBA Business Administration

Helen Vlachou Mechanical Engineer

DEYAR / partner

The Municipal Water and Sewage Utility of Rethymno (MWSUR) was established in 1981 and is a Private Legal Entity of Public Interest. It is governed as to the administration, organization, execution, operation and maintenance of projects and apply the rules of private economy. The Aims of the Legal Entity are: the design, research, construction, maintenance, operation, management and operation of water supply systems, wastewater, rainwater and the wastewater treatment plant of the Municipality of Rethymno in the city of Rethymno. The Company is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 11 members appointed by the Municipal Council of Rethymno. All the board members have experience and knowledge related to the MWSUR business activities.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant of Rethymno operates 24 hours per day and 365 days per year and converts urban waste water from: Rethymno city, Atsipopoulo (40%), the coastal zone thesis of Arkadi, Industrial Slaughterhouses and Tannery Wastewater into clean water and bio-soil. It also treats the sludge and the grease from hotel’s wastewater treatment plants. The volume of sewage collected daily in WWTP of Rethymno is 8000-12000 m3 depending on the season. In the period 2011-2013 the WWTP of Rethymno treated 10.500.000 m3 of municipal wastewater, sewage and industrial wastes.

Its Chemical Laboratory is equipped with instruments and materials such as Spectrophotometer, pH meter, Conductivity meter or probes. They are made chemical analyzes of incoming municipal wastewater treatment plant, the treated wastewater (effluent) and sludge produced by the wastewater treatment. The Microbiology Laboratory is equipped with new technology instruments like autoclave, incubation chambers, vacuum pump with filtration devices, colony counter, aseptic work unit, refrigerated storage of samples, microbiological culture media, glassware laboratory. This section of the workshop are microbiological analyzes in the effluent of wastewater treatment.

Manolis Vryllakis

Nikolas Ion Batistatos

Xrysa Vogiatzi

Vasilis Theodorakis

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